Masters International Institute 

GAIN Leadership Program

Open to all musicians with the GAIN Leadership Program offering all participants the opportunity to gain high-level awards and designations in recognition of their leadership skills and which complement their music experience.  It is embedded in our culture of learning and growing.

The GAIN Leadership Program seeks to promote and develop music programs at all levels of participation within the Institute’s School of Music and elsewhere.

The GAIN Leadership Program is made up of the following:

The Program assists participants to: 

  • Gain a deeper understanding of themselves as a leader
  • Gain higher levels of confidence in negotiating leadership challenges
  • Gain a clearer understanding of how to motivate and inspire
  • Gain knowledge and skills that encourage others to achieve set targets
  • Gain skills that drive sustainable and continuous improvement
  • Gain from a mentorship
  • Gain empowerment by engagement  with others to produce meaningful outcomes
  • Gain Creative Leadership Skills that  take you from possibilities to innovative solutions​​
  • Gain is a leadership development program using music-making as a metaphor to explore universal leadership issues. Participants gain first-hand experience of the role of leadership in various settings learning how this can directly translate into any leadership challenge.

Some of our GAIN Workshops also include: 

  • Leading a Highly Talented Team
  • Creating & Adjusting Alignment
  • Smoothing the Way for Organisational Change
  • Leading from Within
  • Understanding and developing the concept of Continuous Improvement