Applications NOW OPEN !

Piano  Violin  Viola  ‘Cello  Singing​​​


  • The Program on offer for 2019 entry is provided by the ​​Australian Children’s Orchestra & Chorus in conjunction with Le Page Primary School Cheltenham in Victoria, Australia.


  • Scholarships are available to primary aged children who can already play or sing to a fairly competent level. 

  • Applications for the 2019 school year close on 12th December, 2018

  • Requirements:


  • SINGERS:  Applicants are required to sing 2 songs for their audition. 

  • INSTRUMENTALISTS: Applicants are required to perform 1 piece and sing one song for their audition.                                     
  • Sight reading, aural work, and theory will be tested during the audition.  The audition may take up to 30 minutes.  A high level of commitment to the school's music program is paramount.  Scholarships can be withdrawn where students lower the level of commitment expected of them. 

  • All applicants will be given an interview with the Director of Music.  

  • Note: All candidates will be contacted by email 

2019 Scholarship Break-Up: 

​Piano - 6    Singers - 20   Violin - 14    Viola - 4    'Cello - 8 


  • Specialist Technical Skills (Major Study Development - Workshop Masterclasses) 

  • Specialist Musicianship Program (Theory & Musicianship, Internationally bench-marked awards                      Solo and Group Performances, Keyboard Lab, Guitar, Recorder, Percussion & Choral Training)
  • Regular Concerts (school and local community; concert tours)       
  • Specialist Scholarship Training (Private Colleges, VCASS etc.)   
  • Specialist Competition Training (Eisteddfods & Festivals e.g. Monash Festival, Primary School Music Games) 
  • Excursions and incursions (workshops with major orchestras, groups, and visiting artists)   
  • Ensemble Training (Orchestra, Chamber Groups, Duets, & Quartets)           
  • Leadership Skills Development (The 7 Habits, SMART, & ‘GAIN’ via various Leadership Roles)    

​        Enquiries: admin@australianchildrensorchestra.com.au