Online Performance Examinations are available for Performance, Composition, Musicology and Music Theerapy applications.  They may also be utilised for CPE presentations where required.

Online performance examinations are particularly suited to any applicants who prefer:

  • The convenience of undertaking their examination performance online, or who

  • do not have access to an accredited school or registered teacher, or who

  • are performers seeking accreditation via the Institute’s School of Music, or whose

  • teachers are seeking an independent assessment for the candidate.

All applicants are required to record a series of audition videos that include the content required for each applicable level. Each performance segment must be recorded in one take (e.g., one movement or 1 song at a time, etc.), with no editing permitted (candidates should select the best of several takes). 

Video Performance Requirements:

Before performing your series of solo selections, please include an introduction stating your full name, your major instrument and the title of the solo works you have chosen (including the composer) in addition to your submitted list of works (or program).

Video presentations are to be sent via YouTube (files need to be converted to MP4 before uploading).

Candidates may also perform an additional piece on a minor instrument adding further weight to the overall performance.

Other Notes: 

Those undertaking the Pre-Performer Series will need to demonstrate a highly proficient knowledge of all technical work (presented in chromatic order); all major and minor scales (natural, harmonic, and melodic), arpeggi (major and minor, dominant and diminished 7ths), as well as whole tone scales and the modes.  Where applicable, scales should also be presented with various articulations/bowings/thirds, 6ths, etc. (candidates choice).

Aural development skills are to be demonstrated via song/aria, or vocalise,

Analytical and interpretative skills are to be evidenced throughout the candidate’s performance; the candidate’s own composition(s), cadenza(s), arranging and/or re-working of the compositions presented (articulations/bowings, including various nuances developed by the candidate).   

All applicants are required to record a video that includes the content/program required for each applicable level; details provided via a ‘File Converter’ (e.g. Free MP4 Converter). Each performance segment/presentation must be recorded in one take; no editing permitted. 

No time limits apply to any level of examination. Examiners will select various sections for assessment or listen to the whole presentation at their discretion.  

Online candidates are required to present copies of their pieces/works via attachment along with Program Notes where required.

Online candidates are also required to provide proof of identity (passport, ID card etc.) other forms of photo identification.