Public examinations are offered by the Masters International Music Accreditation Board under authority of the Institute's Council.  Public examinations may be conducted by either an online approach or via registered and accredited schools and music teachers.

Public Access requires that schools and teachers accredited by the Institute submit their current syllabus/curriculum upon registration or at any time thereafter (updates, changes) and the Institute’s awards will reflect the type of syllabus/curriculum utilised. 

Private candidates may also submit an entry for examination including the intended program/list of works at the time of entry.  A copy of chosen works is to be made available to the examiner.  

Unregistered teachers are required to submit/nominate their syllabus/curriculum for accreditation before submitting entries for examination.

Unregistered teachers may be accorded Associate status (ACPM) upon satisfying requirements via the CPM Program thereby gaining the professional benefits open to all registered teachers.


All Examination Centres are accredited schools operated by registered teachers and or their principals.

Under the authority of the Institute’s Council the Music Accreditation Board arranges the delivery of all examinations via its accredited schools world-wide, 24/7.

Note:  The Institute has provisions for online examinations where examination centres are distant or not available, or if they are the preferred method of assessment.