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Music Teachers - Examination Centre Registration

 Music Teachers School Registration as an Examination Centre 

Any school may be registered as an examination centre.  Principals or designated staff may arrange examinations to be conducted for internal/external candidates.

Open to all Music Teachers and other commercially operated music schools may also conduct examinations both internally and externally in their studios or by hiring a suitable venue (e.g., for larger numbers or for higher-level public performance examinations) looking to develop the scope of their private practices. 

Requirements:​ music lessons school of music​ Examination Centre Registration

  • Copy of current CV plus copies of education certificates/degrees verifiable Referees 

  • Music subjects taught including Music Therapy, if applicable

  • Your Syllabus / Curriculum and a brief explanation of the methodology utilized

  • WWCC / NCC (compliance checks)

  • ABN and insurance (Certificate of Currency) if in public practice/own school

  • Child Safe Policy

  • Initial registration conferred: Associate status (ACPM)
  • Full Registration is conferred upon completion of Level 1 of the CPM Program
    ​(holders of high-level qualifications may be accorded a higher CPE entry designation).​