Make us a part of your overall curriculum offerings!

For Primary & Secondary Schools 

Program 1 - Strings & Chorus (Violin Viola ‘Cello)

2 - Band & Chorus (Flute Clarinet Saxophone Trumpet Trombone)

Program 3 - Full Performing Arts/Theatre Arts Program  (Drama plus Singing & Dance)

Include a chapter of the Australian Children’s Orchestra and Chorus (ACO) in your school’s music program.  The program can run as a part of the classroom music program, take its place, be offered as an after school activity or both.  Students would be required to have their own instrument (hired or bought) and texts as required.  All students learn both solo and group performance skills; rhythm training, musicianship and aural development through singing as a chorus.  Concerts are held every term. All our teachers are well qualified and experienced (WWCC & NCC checks included).  Access to the ACO Leadership Program "GAIN" is included in all programs

Benefits the whole school

  • Promote the program as a part of your own extra-curricular activities
  • Schools receive $10 (per term) for every student enrolled in the program
  • All admin is taken care of by us; we assist parents directly.

Benefits for all the family

  • Cheaper access to instrumental music lessons
  • Prepares the children well for years of fun playing music at secondary school and university                                                    
  • Parents can also learn all about music by joining the ACO’s Adult Orchestra (based in Cheltenham) 
  •  Music is great therapy; it’s great for all kinds of kids.

Our fees: 

Parent funded: during school or after school:

  • 1 child: $120 per term / each additional sibling: $100 per term
  • Min:  25 students to commence the program.  

School funded: (40-50 mins. per class depending on the school’s timetable: 8-10 classes per term (includes concerts)

  • $120 per student per term / Min: 20 students per class (min: 3 classes)
  • $150 per student per term / Min: 10 per class (min: 3 classes)

Australian Children's Orchestra & Chorus