The Masters Chartered Global Director (MCGD) Program relates to the highest levels of:

  • Demonstrated research (any area of Musicology)
  • Teaching practice
  • Performance experience
  • Music industry
  • Music education programs
  • Music Therapy / Expressive Arts Therapy
  • Other areas

Each Level requires that candidates present an evidence-based paper (dissertation) and a video presentation of demonstrated practice skills along with a verifiable testamentary of experience gained from a colleague or mentor/supervisor.

Each Level requires that candidates also present evidence of their contribution from a global perspective along with verifiable testaments from colleagues.​

Level 1 – MCGD 

  • Pre-requisite: FMCD


  • Minimum 1 year as FMCD. 
  • Demonstrate contributions made from a regional perspective

  • Designation granted upon attainment: FMCGD
  • Fellow - Masters Chartered Global Director of Music Program
  • Eligible to conduct and assess all CPM and MCD courses

Level 2

  • Pre-requisite: Level 1  


  • Minimum 2 years as FMCGD.   
  • Demonstrate contributions made from a state  or national perspective

  • Designation granted upon attainment: SF-MCGD
  • Senior Fellow - Masters Chartered Global Director Program

Level 3

  • Pre-requisite: Level 2


  • Minimum 3 years as SF-MCGD
  • Demonstrate contributions made from a national perspective

  • Designation granted upon attainment: DSF-MCGD
  • Distinguished Senior Fellow - Masters Chartered Global Director Program

Pre-requisite: Level 3


  • Minimum:  5 years as DSF-MCGD. 
  • Demonstrate contributions made from a global or international* perspective (*2 or more countries)

  • Designation granted upon attainment: MDSF-MCGD
  • Most Distinguished Senior Fellow - Masters Chartered Global Director of Music Program
  • Granted full registration into the Masters Chartered Global Director of Music Program
  • Able to assess and conduct all levels of CPE courses in addition to assessing the MCGD Program


Candidates need to be well qualified and/or experienced in the first instance via their chosen institution or hold high level qualifications from the Masters International Institute’s School of Music to enter the Institute's Professional Access Program of Continuing Professional Education (CPE). 

Accredited candidates participate in the CPE Program to gain higher level credentials and designations of professional registration and recognition in the field of music.

Awards are also granted for exceptional research work or service in the music education or performance arena.

The Institute also has provision to bestow Eminence & Scholarly Awards for distinguished service to professionals in their specialist fields of interest. 

Other Notes:

  • Those candidates holding high level academic qualifications and/or who are very experienced professionals may be able to enter at higher CPE levels.

  • Candidates are required to present a dissertation at each level demonstrating a 'defence' of the research presented via video.  Candidates may choose any area of music in demonstrating their continuing professional education.

  • Referencing: Any academic referencing standard is acceptable (Harvard, MLA, Oxford, APA et al).

  • Plagiarism:  All submitted papers require prior ‘plagiarism checks’. Please note that the Institute follows up with various Plagiarism Checks of their own.  Any discrepancies will result in papers being returned for reworking.

  • Supervision:  All CPE submitted papers need to be certified as the unaided work of the candidate.  A letter from your supervisor/teacher is the most acceptable form of certification.  Where such certification is unavailable then a statutory declaration is required from the candidate.


(Open to MCGD level Directors)

All of our participants gain from their experience in this program: It is embedded into our culture of learning and growing.

​The Leadership Program assists participants to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of themselves as a leader
  • Gain higher levels of confidence in negotiating leadership challenges
  • Gain a clearer understanding of how to motivate and inspire
  • Gain knowledge and skills that encourage others to achieve set targets
  • Gain skills that drive sustainable and continuous improvement
  • Gain from a mentorship
  • Gain empowerment by engagement  with others to produce meaningful outcomes
  • Gain Creative Leadership Skills that  take you from possibilities to innovative solutions​​

Gain is a leadership development program using music-making as a metaphor to explore universal leadership issues. Using the unique resources of the Institute along with affiliated groups, participants experience firsthand the role of leadership in various settings learning how this can directly translate into any leadership challenge.

GAIN Workshops also include:

  • Leading a Highly Talented Team
  • Creating & Adjusting Alignment
  • Smoothing the Way for Organisational Change
  • Leading from Within​
  • Continuous Improvement

Leaders can GAIN opportunities to promote and develop their own music programs at various levels of participation within the Institute’s School of Music at home and elsewhere.