​​​Although independent examiners are available for every stage of the examination series it is the teachers who are the most preferred to test their students’ abilities i.e., conducting the examination for the student when they are ready and only when they have a high level grasp of the work required; developing and testing the student’s abilities overtime.

Teachers/examiners should only make an application for accreditation when their student has reached the preferred standard; ‘A’ level (Distinction) or higher.  The minimum standard for a pass has been set at the B level (Merit) with anything lower to be considered for re-working. In this way, teachers can be sure that candidates can pass well.

For the Primary & Secondary Series teachers are required to set the syllabus / curriculum for their students taking into consideration standards prevailing for these types of assessments and the genre and methodology they utilise. 

Teachers / schools are required to submit copies of their syllabus / curriculum to the Music Accreditation Board for evaluation and accrediting at the beginning of their registration process including any adjustments/changes that may occur from time to time. 


  • ​Choose the style or genre you want to teach.  
  • Have your students' music awards reflect the style or genre studied                                                                                     (e.g. Grade 5 in Contemporary Music Studies - Saxophone or Grade 7 in Jazz Studies - Piano). 
  • Receive support (via Professional Access) to achieve higher qualifications and professional designations. 

  • Receive financial incentives to promote your own practice.
  • Conduct courses and workshops for professional development and higher level subjects. 
  • Receive support to conduct accredited programs in your area of expertise.
  • Opportunities to become involved in music promotion at all levels of the organisation.  


All teachers/examiners are required to be registered into the Certified Practicing Musician Program (CPM) in the first instance via the
Professional Access Program. This program ensures that teachers/examiners are able to maintain currency in the delivery of their programs.

The Professional Development Program offers teachers the opportunity to gain professional awards and designations that recognise high level skills in various areas of the musical arts along with its promotion and development at all levels. 

Upon acceptance of entry applicants are granted an Associate level CPM registration. Holders of high level qualifications may be accorded a higher CPE entry designation.


The Masters International Music Accreditation Board permits accredited schools and registered teachers to set their own syllabuses / curriculum or course content  and to be directly involved in the assessment processes from beginning to end.  All awards are granted under the authority of the Institute’s Council after examination by accredited schools/teachers.

The School of Music utilises the standard internationally recognised ‘grade’ system however all approaches can be recognised by the Institute’s School of Music e.g. contemporary programs and the like.