Our volunteers / interns

Assist with teaching, setting up for concerts, conducting, taking section rehearsals, tuning, promoting, performing and singing! You will need to be training in music or performing / theatre arts  (studying towards your degree) and looking
to become a professional teacher and performer.


  • Musicians must be willing to learn related instruments etc. (strings or wind)
  • Performing Artists (Theatre Arts) must be willing to take on related aspects (speech, dance etc.)
  • You will need WWCC & NCC 
  • Be great with the kids (sense of fun)
  • Understand and follow our Child Safe Policy
  • Keyboard skills are an advantage
  • Assist with concept development for our music and theatre arts programs  


Access to the ACO Leadership Program: "GAIN"

- Guiding by gentle encouragement that seeks to Aim higher through Innovation and through Nurturing 

  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself as a leader
  • Gain a higher level of confidence to negotiate leadership challenges
  • Gain a clearer understanding of how to motivate and inspire
  • Gain knowledge and skills to influence and persuade others to achieve set targets
  • Gain skills that drive sustainable and continuous improvement
  • Gain from a mentorship
  • Gain empowerment to effectively engage with others in making a meaningful difference
  • Gain Creative Leadership Skills that  take you from possibilities to innovative solutions

Gain is a leadership development program using music-making as a metaphor to explore universal leadership issues. Using the unique resources of the ACO orchestra and other groups participants experience firsthand the role of leadership in an ensemble setting and and learn how this can directly translate to any leadership challenge.

GAIN Workshops also include:

  • Leading a Highly Talented Team
  • Creating & Adjusting Alignment
  • Smoothing the Way for Organisational Change
  • Leading from Within
  • Continuous Improvement

Australian Children's Orchestra & Chorus