A Word About Us

Masters International Institute

School of Music 

A friendly greeting

​A warm welcome awaits your child - we aim to make them feel comfortable and safe. 


Genuine concern

Every one of us is a qualified experienced professional musician.  We are mindful of students' learning styles and provide a multi-faceted approach. 


Professional service

​Our board-certified teachers provide expert tuition and training in all aspects of music education. They learn the theory required to ensure understanding of all the practical aspects of music performance. 

Our focus is on providing Music Education.  

From humble beginnings, in 1972, this organization became a fully incorporated educational institution in 1994. 

Our services include a myriad of activities for children wanting to make music an essential part of their lives from private and group lessons to concerts and competitions in addition to earning internationally bench-marked awards, singing as a chorus, and playing in an orchestra, all the while building leadership qualities and high-level performance skills.

We do this by supporting the healthy development of a child's music education, including opportunities that provide sound educational pathways with the stimulus for life-long learning.  

Our Board of Directors

  • Jodiann Ball
  • Juthamas Harris
  • Jack Harris                  
  • George Fragopoulos  
  • Graeme Williams

What to Expect