Join an Orchestra


  • Not only do we have orchestras to play in but we also have music lessons for an array of instruments: see PRIVATE TUITION.
  • Students in our orchestras study a variety of graded repertoire from beginner and intermediate levels through to more advanced concert levels.
  • Students graduate from each level when they are ready and earn internationally benchmarked awards all along the way.   
  • All our students sing as a part of their training in the Australian Children's Chorus. 

​Entry Requirements:

  • Audition
  • Students must be having lessons on their principal instrument. ​

Elementary Orchestra: Grades 1 - 2 

  • For those who have only recently begun their musical journey and who are working hard to achieve their first few music awards. They have already begun to play in an orchestra and would like to progress their skills further.
  • This is a fun group that focuses on basic techniques, understanding the conductor, playing together, and making wonderful sounds.

Intermediate Orchestra: Grades 3 - 4 

  • For those who are further along their musical journey and who have already achieved their elementary levels. They are eager to embrace new opportunities as intermediate-level performers. ​
  • This group focuses on intermediate-level techniques, playing together, understanding more difficult musical concepts, and working more closely as a team.

Advanced Orchestra: Grade 5 - 8 

  • For those who are undertaking more advanced music studies and who have already achieved their intermediate levels. They are eager to embrace the bigger opportunities to develop as concert-level performers.
  • This group also focuses on pursuing leadership roles, understanding more difficult musical concepts, and working to produce high-level outcomes in all aspects of music performance. 

​​The Australian Children’s Orchestra seeks to develop technical and ensemble skills for younger students of music, 6 - 18 years of age.

Other activities include: 

  • Developing Leadership Skills; 
    ​(Concert Master, Principals, Conductor, Concert Management & Promotion, etc.).
  • Providing interesting and varied orchestra repertoire to study.  
  • Playing in a Virtuoso Competition.​
  • Practicing Rhythm Drills & Graded Theory as a group.
  • Providing opportunities to perform in Quartets, Violin Ensembles, Viola Ensembles, ‘Cello / Bass Ensembles.
  • Students are required to be having lessons to be eligible for entry - Private Tuition is also available. 
  • Scholarships to the Australian Children's Orchestra (concert-level) are also available. 
  • All of our orchestra members also sing in the Australian Children's Chorus. It helps to improve their sense of pitch and general intonation skills development. They also enjoy the songs they sing and the performance opportunities offered.  ​

Timetable:  Saturdays 

  • ​2.00 - 3.00 pm ~ Elementary Orchestra
  • 3.00 - 4.30 pm ~ Intermediate Orchestra
  • 3.00 - 4.30 pm ~ Advanced Orchestra


  • Single - $300 per term
  • Family - $500 per term