Our teachers are: 

  • motivated by their love of music and are passionate about transferring their knowledge and skills so your children's creativity and talent can shine.
  • highly qualified and experienced with WWCC and NCC (Compliance Checks).
  • able to teach anyone from age 6. We guide each and every student through the basics of reading and playing music, and setting them up to reach their full potential.

Private Tuition Program:

  • Specialized instruction - (skills dev.)
  • Tailored programs
  • Internationally recognized teaching methodologies and awards
  • Ancillary studies (rhythm and aural dev.)
  • Performance opportunities, concerts, competitions, festivals
  • Internationally recognized Graded Theory 
  • Leadership Training and Awards
  • Orchestra Training (Beg - Adv levels)​

Scholarship Training Program: 

High-Level Private Tuition: 

  • for those seeking entry to private colleges or specialist music schools
  • Internationally recognized teaching methodologies and awards
  • Internationally recognized Graded Theory & Composition 
  • Major Study instrument 
  • Minor Study instrument 
  • Ancillary Studies (piano, aural and rhythmic development)
  • Performance Opportunities
  • ​(e.g., Solo, Orchestra, quartet, etc.)
  • Leadership Training & Awards
  • Audition Program Development



Music lessons for 
orchestral instruments

Violin Viola 'Cello Double Bass