Graduate Levels

​Online Assessment (via Jury)​

  • Candidates may conduct as Choral Directors, Orchestra or Band Conductors, or any mix if desired. 
  • The aim is to develop a high-level conducting repertoire. Candidates may add 5 works for each level or take on completely new works for each requirement.
  • YouTube recordings (private or public) are the preferred medium for conducting presentations (a mix of rehearsal and concerts is recommended). Candidates need to consider appropriate camera angles to clearly show conducting skills.   
  • Candidates may also conduct their own compositions or arrangements.  
  • Candidates are required to demonstrate advancing leadership skills throughout this program.
  • A reasonable level of orchestra, band, or choir is required. 
  • Candidates need to demonstrate high-level direction and high-level rehearsal techniques.
  • Demonstrate high-level Leadership skills - see requirements for the Leadership Program and maintain an updated validated Curriculum Vitae as part of the prerequisites.   
  • Any style or genre may be applied to this Series.

Licentiate In Music - Conducting

Pre-requisites: AMus (Performance) plus  ACPM & CV

Requirements: 5 high-level works & CPM

Master of Music - Conducting

Pre-requisite: LMus-Conducting plus CPM & CV

Requirements: 10 high-level works & FCPM

Fellowship in Music - Conducting
Fellow - Masters International Institute (FMII)
Pre-requisite: (MMus-Conducting) plus  FCPM & CV

Requirements: 15 high-level works & MCD ​

Senior Fellowship in Music Performance - Conducting
Senior Fellow - Masters International Institute (SFMII)  

Pre-requisite: (FMII-Conducting), MCD & CV

Requirements: 20 high-level works plus FMCD (Leadership) &CV

​Distinguished Senior Fellowship in Music Performance - Conducting
Distinguished Senior Fellow - Masters International Institute (DSF-MII) 

Pre-requisite: (SFMII), FMCD  

Requirements: 25 high-level works plus MCGD & CV

Tertiary Series