Postgraduate levels 

​Online Assessment (via Jury)​

  • The aim is to develop a high-level repertoire. Candidates may add 5 works for each level or take on completely new works for each requirement. Each work is to be scored via a suitable software music writing program. No handwritten scores are acceptable.  
  • YouTube recordings (private or public) are the preferred medium for presentations of each work. 
  • Candidates may also conduct their own compositions; a dual award may be awarded to include conducting. Candidates need to demonstrate high-level direction and high-level rehearsal techniques.  
  • A reasonable level of orchestra, band, or choir is required and for other mediums (e.g., digitally engineered compositions). 
  • Any style or genre may be applied to this Series.

Licentiate In Music - Composition

Pre-requisites: AMus. (Perf.). ACPM.

Requirements: 5 high-level works

Master of Music - Composition

Pre-requisite: LMus. CPM.

Requirements: 10 high-level works 

Fellowship in Music - Composition
Fellow - Masters International Institute (FMII)
Pre-requisite: MMus. FCPM.

Requirements: 15 high-level works ​

Senior Fellowship in Music - Composition
Senior Fellow - Masters International Institute (SFMII)  

Pre-requisite: FMII. MCD.

Requirements: 20 high-level works

​Distinguished Senior Fellowship in Music - Composition
Distinguished Senior Fellow - Masters International Institute (DSF-MII) 

Pre-requisite: SFMII. FMCD. 

Requirements: 25 high-level works 

Tertiary Series